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Welcome to the DevelopWiki

Well, let's get to work tonight! NOW,THERE ARE84 ARTICLES IN TOTAL.

I have been exposed to many technology blogs in my early work and study career. Of course, there are some good posts that are refreshing. But more often than not, it's copy-and-paste and confusing. I hate those pretentious articles that can always explain something simple and easy in a fog of bewilderment. And also, I hate even more misleading rubbish that has not been practiced or "taken to doctrine".

In view of this, I suddenly came up with the idea of building a knowledge base of my own, to record what I have learned and thought, and divide my articles into three levels, which are:

  • correct and accurate
  • integrate into thinking
  • concise and easy to understand

In fact, all blogs can be wonderful, all articles can be written very good. I hope I can do it and I hope you can give me some feedback.

Programming Language

Java - Python

Open Source Framework

Spring - SpringBoot - MyBatis - JUnit


Oracle - MySQL

Design and Science

Design Pattern - Mathematics and Algorithms


MediaWiki - WordPress

Host and OS

Amazon AWS - CentOS


Google AdSense


Google AdSense